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Home Department occupies a central position regarding security, and law and order matters of the Province. It is the supreme policy making body for peace building and ensuring respect for the rule of law. It is the parent body/Administrative department for all matters related to Police, Levies, Prisons, Prosecution, Probation and Reclamation and Civil Administration across the province. Interagency coordination, and maintaining close liaison with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for cross border matters is another critical mandate of Home & Tribal Affairs Department. Historically, Home and Tribal Affairs Department has played a strategically important role in maintaining law and order and giving policy directions to its implementing arms. The H&TA Department ensures close coordination with the Armed Forces and other paramilitary forces to ensure peace and tranquility across the province thereby endeavoring to ensure protection of lives and property of people in Balochistan. Respect for the fundamental rights as enshrined under the Constitution of Islamic Republic Pakistan, and adherence to the directions of Judiciary for peaceful and secure environment remains as the primary objective of H&TA Department.

  • maintaining law and order 
  • giving policy directions
  •  secure environment 
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Balochistan Police
Address: IG office: Central Police Office, Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment.
Balochistan Levies Force
Address: Joint Road, QuettaContacts 081-9201783
Directorate of Civil Defense
Address: Mecongi Road, Quetta.Contacts 081-203514/081-9203513
Balochistan Constabulary
Address: Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment Contacts: 081-9201407