Attach Departments

Attached Departments

  1. Balochistan Police

Address: IG office: Central Police Office, Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment.


  1. Balochistan Levies Force

Address: Joint Road, Quetta.

Contacts 081-9201783

  1. Directorate of Civil Defense

Address:    Mecongi Road, Quetta.

Contacts 081-9203514/081-9203513

  1. 4) Balochistan Constabulary

Address: Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment.

Contacts: 081-9201407

  1. Balochistan Prison Department

Address: Samangli Road, Quetta.

Contacts: 081-9202707

  1. Directorate of Reclamation and Probation

Address: Joint Road, Quetta.

Contacts: 081-9213516